School lighting

Extensive studies have shown that good lighting in schools leads to an increased concentration of students and teachers. By making use of smart lighting solutions, not only the light comfort can be increased, but the energy consumption can also be reduced. Since lighting is the biggest energy guzzler in education, renovating light plans will therefore significantly reduce operating costs.

Save Energy

In primary education lighting consumes between 65 and 75% of the total energy bill, in higher education, the proportion of lighting is between 55 and 60%. Depending on the use of the building, the existing lighting and the manner in which a renovation can be carried out, there are potential savings of up to 60% on the total electricity bill.

UNIKLASSE - Standing in front of the class, is not always easy for prospective teachers. Although it sounds simple in theory, it can be difficult to carry out in practice. The project UNI-Klasse in Munich exploits the contrary: in the specially equipped classrooms lessons can be recorded and analyzed. Students, teachers and researchers have the unique opportunity to observe teaching situations. Emmlight delivered Human Centric lighting ...