Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting, also known as biodynamic lighting, is the next big step forward in the evolution of lighting.

The central idea is that artificial light can be regulated at several levels; direction, color temperature and light levels, to promote alertness, relaxation, mood, visual acuity and productivity.


Until the Industrial Revolution, people spent about 90% of their lives outside. Today, this is the opposite. We now stay the same percentage of our lives indoors. People have a natural need for daylight, it affects our physiology and psychology. But the artificial light which we generally dwell in today is monotonous, both in terms of light level and color temperature. This does not comply with daylight and thus contrasts to our basic human needs. Without regular exposure to (day)light that meets our needs there is a good chance that we suffer from health problems due to the disruptance of the circadian rhythm.

Effective implementation leads to energy saving, sustainable lighting and better lighting performance. However, the ultimate goal of Human Centric Lighting is to improve health and welfare and thus delivers great benefits to educational facilities, workplaces and nursing homes.

De Bockesprong - Bredeschool De Bockesprong in Amsterdam has recently been renovated. Various classrooms and the playroom are equipped with dynamic LED lighting. In the corridors stretch ceilings have been made in which high-quality, 24V LED modules have been incorporated in order to create the illusion of a roof light. The teachers have the possibility to adjust the right atmosphere and intensity of ...
UNIKLASSE - Standing in front of the class, is not always easy for prospective teachers. Although it sounds simple in theory, it can be difficult to carry out in practice. The project UNI-Klasse in Munich exploits the contrary: in the specially equipped classrooms lessons can be recorded and analyzed. Students, teachers and researchers have the unique opportunity to observe teaching situations. Emmlight delivered Human Centric lighting ...