Care Lighting

Good lighting solutions in nursing homes have many benefits for both the residents and the staff.


Increasing lens clouding leads to blurred vision in aging people and increases sensitivity to glare. Lighting solutions for this target group are therefore subject to special requirements.
Emmlight spends attention to the prevention of reflections, light reflections and large light-dark contrasts. Among other things, by the application of (customized) trunking systems in corridors and traffic areas.

Emmlight offers versatile lighting solutions for elderly people to create a greater sense of wellbeing. A higher and more even illumination level leads for example to a better state of mind, less uncertainty, a greater inner peace and a relaxed mind.


LIGHT IS OUR NATURE. The lighting solution we have developed for nursing homes is also a very special one. Our innovative lighting concept influences the daily lives of people positively.

By deteriorating lens opacity, blue light, which regulates the so-called sleep hormone melatonin regulates, is included less and less by the human eye, with a disrupted circadian rhythm as a result. After intensive research of our product developers, we now offer light that counteracts this problem: innovative luminaires change their light color dynamically according to our day-programmed scenes. With this technology, biorhythms of people can be actively supported and can be restored to the normal waking and sleep behavior.

Kerkelanden - Flat Kerkelanden in Hilversum is a care home which is completely renovated in early 2016. A new lighting plan is part of this renovation. In close consultation with the customer and the installation partner Van de Blaak, Emmlight developed an all LED lighting design for the complete building. A wide variety of LED lighting products is implemented. Unique in its kind ...
ZONNEHOEVE - The Zonnehoeve nursing home in Hilversum had the objective to discourage wandering residents to walk through the the central reception and entrance and restaurant area direct them through the connecting corridors between the five nursing units. In these areas a stimulating environment was created with an Emmlight truncking system, special acoustics and colors, enhancing orientation for the residents with dementia. By offering dynamic incentives within a realistic ...