Shop lighting

Value is not a static concept. Customer needs and market requirements are constantly changing, so it is important that retailers can identify any new theory or trend that positively influences customers’ buying behavior.

Proper and modern (LED) shop lighting creates such a positive influence.


Light affects our emotions, cognition and spatial perception. Light can provide guidance, pointing the way, focusing on products and arouse desire. Light is fascinating because it is able to persuade us to make a purchase in a variety of ways. The role of modern retail lighting designer’s is to associate with art and commerce, to communicate the values of a brand and to meet the increasingly demanding needs of customers. The establishment of a retail environment and managing shoppers must be such that they support the main feature of retail: change.

This requires a complex and holistic partnership between architects and designers, between psychology, technology and ergonomics. Each element does not exist apart from the others, and a smart balance of all factors will create a holistic and successful retail experience.

Multimate - All conventional lighting at the do-it-yourself store Multimate in Edam has been replaced by efficient LED lighting. The saving achieved is no less than 60%. Furthermore, in the whole store a fresh white light color was chosen, creating a uniform light image.
FLAIR - Flair Fashion in Veendam implemented a new lighting design by Emmlight. By applying high-quality LED Spots and tiltable LED Downlights the clothing store is given a totally new look and are realising energy savings of 70% along the way. In addition, the shopping experience has become optimal due to the fresh and sparkling light colour and color rendition.
LUKKES OUTDOOR - The garden furniture store Lukkes Outdoor in Wolvega is equipped with a sustainable lighting plan with LED light lines and transparent induction luminaires. By choosing clear, white light with a high lux level, the store has become fresh and inviting.